Become our freelancer

Become our freelancer

The global business model is completely changed in the digital generation. Traditionally, the designer’s work requires a considerable amount of editing as well as levels of assessment in order to be posted on a small space within a short time frame. Most designs are eliminated at the assessment stage, which is a tragedy that datavideo Virtual Set does not want to see again. Hence, we provide a stable environment and will reply within 24 hours after sign-up to allow you to upload your favorite designs. 

Datavideo Virtual Set is an innovation lab of the virtual studio system. Every customer of datavideo will be able to see your products. In addition to focusing on broadcasting equipment, our goal is to post your innovative design to the world on datavideo’s platform. datavideo participates in all iconic broadcasting equipment exhibitions every year, such as NAB show in the US and IBC exhibition in Europe. We have information of the latest broadcasting technology and you are very welcome to join to become part of us.


We value every partner because your innovative design is the core that keeps datavideovirtualset running. We provide online sales and the business model is simple and open. The upload procedure is stable and efficient. The administrator will assess your design at the fastest speed.

You determine your price and profit


You can start uploading your design after the administrator confirms your identity. Your design is your voice; your design is your spirit. It is like a personalized store where you can determine the price of your design and own unlimited commercial freedom on



How to become a freelancer of datavideo Virtual Set


First of all, please sign up to become our member; all you need to do is to fill in your name and E-mail address to complete the registration.


After registration, please click “Sign In” at the upper right-hand corner on the website. Remember to get yourself a Paypal account before sign-in.


We provide an identity assessment service within 24 hours so please be patient after you have registered your personal information. After your identity is approved, you can then open your personal online mall.