Amber Jones

Moon Festival Virtual Studio Set

Creates the Moon Festival scenes in paper-carving style. Bright moon high hanging with cloud underneath. Chinese style charms and red circular decoration in the background enrich the whole scene. This festive virtual set can be used for Moon Festival events, Moon Festival entertainment programs and department store campaign.


We provide 14 different angles virtual set for your need.

Many kinds of virtual set formats that include:

1. TVS-1000A/1200A Free Formats (6 angels only)

2. TVS -1000A/1200A- 2880x1620

3. HD 1 - 1280x720(.png)

4. HD 2 - 1920x1080(.png)

5. UHD - 4096x2160(.png)

6. PSD - 4096x2160(.psd)

7. MAYA (.mel) Render by V-Ray

All format /file includes 14 angles for your need.


For more information about TVS-1000A and TVS-1200A virtual studio system, please go to:


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