Freelancer ship Q&A

Q1: What is a member? What is a freelancer?

A1: You can easily become a member of datavideo virtual set by registering your e-mail address with us and then you can start purchasing the virtual set that you want by credit card or your PayPal account. Members are authorized to purchase virtual sets only, if you would like to submit your design to us, you need to pass the identity assessment by our administrator and become a freelancer.


Q2. How to become a freelancer?

A2: First of all, you need to sign up to become a member and have a Paypal account. After registering yourself with the system, we will reply you with an authorization e-mail within 24 hours. You can start submitting your design after being authorized.


Q3. How does datavideo Virtual Set protect my design?

A3: We will strictly abide by every term and condition in the contract. However, we reserve the right to take any legal action if the consumer tries to sell your design on any other commercial platforms.


Q4. What is TVS format? What is TVS trial format?

A4: TVS format is a TVS-1000/1200 proprietary format designed by datavideo. If, at the point of post, you agree to file conversion, our administrator will convert your file to TVS format for free. You will be allowed to determine the price of your design and we create a platform for you to advertise and publish it.

TVS trial format is designed for TVS-1000/1200 trial version. This format comes with a watermark and you may decide if you would like to make the purchase after using it.

Virtualset in TVS free format consists of virtual backgrounds viewed from six different angles and is provided to the TVS user for free. Files in TVS free format do not contain a watermark.


Q5. What currency do you use?

A5: We use US dollars for all purchases and sales (currency rate is based on the currency rate reported by the bank)


Q6. How to get in touch with the administrator of and what are their service hours?

A6: You can send e-mails to and our service hours are Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. (UTC+08:00)


Q7: How come my upload fails?

A7: Please check your Internet connection speed and make sure all compressed files are under 2GB. (Don’t support .rar compressed file)


Q8. Do I need to make my own watermark?

A8: You do not need to make your own watermark as datavideo Virtual Set will place a watermark on the images that you upload for preview.


Q9: How come I cannot become a freelancer?

A9: Please check if there is any missing information and your PayPal account application is successful. If you still have problems, please send your e-mail to directly. To become one of our freelancers, you need to register as a member first. On the membership page, there is a page for freelancer application. After you fill in all the information, we will finish assessing your qualification within 24 hours and notify you the result via e-mail.


Q10: Do I need a Paypal account to become a freelancer?

A10: Yes, this is the current cash flow model adopted by datavideo Virtual Set, and also it is the only way we pay the money to you.


Q11. Do I need to sign a contract in order to become a freelancer?

A11: You will be prompted to read our agreement upon registering as a member or freelancer. Please read the agreement thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.


Q12. How does promote my design?

A12: We will irregularly perform promotions on various festival days such as thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. If you have created a virtual set of a unique style specific to a particular festival, you will be very likely on our promotion list.


Q13. How do I know who bought my design?

A13: We are sorry that we cannot reveal any of the buyer information but they will provide their comments below your design. Please pay attention to that section.


Q14. Can I still sell my design on other websites?

A14: Of course, we do not set any restrictions on design submission.


Q15. What other benefits will freelancers get?

A15: We will hold irregular promotions, publish e-newsletter and send pop-up messages to datavideo’s TVS system user. If the style of your design matches the quarterly promotion, there is a high probability that you will be picked by us to be the main focus of the quarterly ad.


Q16. How to set a price? How much will I make from each transaction?

A16: You may be allowed to freely establish your own pricing strategy. You may try to become popular by setting a low price or set a reasonable price. You determine your own strategy. For every design sold, you will get 65% of the sales as your return and datavideo Virtual Set will be responsible for all transaction fees and other costs.


Q17. Do I need to pay to upload my design? How long can my design be on sale?

A17: You do not need to pay a fee to upload your design. datavideo Virtual Set will only charge transaction fee (35% of the sales). Hence, your design can be on sale as long as you want.


Q18. Can I remove my design from the website?

A18: Yes, this is your freedom as a designer and is also one of the authorization granted to our freelancer.


Q19. Who can view my personal information?

A19: You can select the option “Edit Your Profile” to set the information you would like other members to see. Freelancers are recommended to fill in personal information and try to introduce yourself as detail as you can.


Q20. I also would like to become a freelancer and create my own design but I do not know how to create a virtual set. How to learn and is there a place where I can learn this skill?

A20: You can start from Photoshop as this is the entry-level tool. After that, you can move on to more advanced tools such as 3DsMax, Maya and etc. In the future, we will build a public forum just for datavideo Virtual Set and we welcome you to join the forum for the discussions. Courses will be open to all.


Q21: How to become an excellent designer at datavideo virtual set site and earn a high income?


You have a professional 3D design

You have a PayPal account

Make your design available in all formats to increase your income opportunities

Provide a good detailed description of your design (file format and quantity) as well as your 3D graphic design engine or plugin information

Modify your design according to user’s comments


Q22: How many formats we provide to upload? 

A22: We provide a variety of virtual backgrounds in different formats for uploads:

1. TVS - 1000/1200 Free Format - 2880x1620

2. TVS - 1000/1200 Trial Format - 2880x1620

3. TVS - 1000/1200 - 2880x1620

4. HD1 - 1280x720

5. HD2 - 1920x1080

6. UHD - 4096x2160

7. PSD - 4096x2160

8.3Ds Max

9. 3D Animation (25fps) – 1920x1080

10. 3D Animation (29.94fps) – 1920x1080

11. PNG Image

12. defined by freelancer




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