Amber Jones

Educational YouTubers Applicable Virtual Set

Education, YouTubers, talk show, and cultural introductory program applicable virtual set. There are books, potted plants, and European style arched window on the brick wall, as well as a sofa leaning against the wall.

We provide 14 different angles virtual set for your need.

Many kinds of virtual set formats that include:

1. TVS-1000A/1200A Free Formats (6 angels only)

2. TVS -1000A/1200A- 2880x1620

3. HD 1 - 1280x720(.png)

4. HD 2 - 1920x1080(.png)

5. UHD - 4096x2160(.png)

6. PSD - 4096x2160(.psd)

7. MAYA (.mel) Render by V-Ray

All format /file includes 14 angles for your need.

►For more information about TVS-1000A and TVS-1200A virtual studio system, please go to: TVS-1200A on Datavideo official website

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